Cornwall and Devon Lawn care provide a professional lawn spiking and aeration services to split the roots of the grass encouraging offshoots to grow which, in turn, will thicken your lawn.

Lawn spiking and aeration allows the free movement of nutrients, water and air around the roots and helps prevent the growth of moss. Most lawns need to be relieved of compaction of the soil and it is the process of aeration which allows this. Heavy soils need to be aerated as they will easily become compacted, which leads to poor root development and poor drought and disease tolerance.

Machinery is very expensive to hire and also heavy to manoeuvre, Cornwall and Devon Lawncare provide lawn spiking and aeration services to do a difficult job properly.

Lawn spiking and aeration for a healthy lawn from Cornwall and Devon Lawn Care
Diagram to show benefits of lawn spiking


  • Loosens the Soil, Improving Drainage
  • Increases the rooting depth of the grass, which in turn strengthens it
  • Improves drought tolerance
  • Increases the rate at which soil breaks down thatch