Ambrogio Twenty ZR Robotic Mower – No Perimeter Wire Required

£1,199.00 VAT inclusive

Take the hassle out of mowing your lawn with the Ambrogio Twenty ZR robot mower. This revolutionary robot is ideal for gardens up to 1000 square meters. Remarkably no perimeter wire is required, so installation is simple. This is thanks to the onboard navigation system which utilizes AI and RADAR technology. Ambrogio’s superior electronic automation also means the robot can avoid obstacles, identify grass and borders* on the same level with ease.

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The rubber flex rear tyres provide an added level of traction for this robot mower, giving it the power to take on slopes of up to 45%. Additionally, its 5Ah lithium ion battery allows it to run for up to 4 hours.

The Ambrogio ZR has an App for iPhone and Android and connect to it via Bluetooth. Here you will be able to control the robot remotely, receive important notifications regarding the software, find the latest software Updates and much more. The robot also features a rain sensor and simple to use keypad.

When you want to move the robot from lawn to lawn, the low weight and ergonomic handles of the ZR allow it to be picked up with ease. The base station itself matches the compact profile of the robot, meaning it will look great in any type of garden.

Get ready to experience lawn mowing in a whole new way with this small but powerful robot from Ambrogio! Simply drop and go.

* This robot is not suitable for gardens with drop borders.

Twenty ZR is the new simple, compact, light, powerful and fast robot mower, which does not require the installation of perimeter wire.

ZR technology integrates artificial intelligence systems with front mounted radar sensors, allowing the robot to detect grass, recognise obstacles at a distance (stationary and moving), edges and perimeters.

Once it’s finished a mowing session the Twenty ZR automatically returns back to the dock to recharge ready for the next scheduled mowing operation.

Special Features Ambrogio Twenty ZR Robotic Lawnmower – up to 1000m2
* Radar Detecting Moving & Static Obstacles
* Rain Sensor (can be disabled)
* Keypad & LED Display
* Compact Design
* Large Flex Grip Rubber Tyres
* Recharging Base Cover Available
* Latest generation motherboard
* ZCS connect available (optional)
* High efficiency brushless motors
* Manage up to 4 separate areas
* Flex wheels
* Powerful lithium-ion batteries
* Tilting system
* Bluetooth connectivity
* Slopes up to 45%
* Eco mow sensor

Using the front bumper mounted radar sensors paired with advanced algorithms the Twenty ZR can tell the difference between a lawn and other surfaces. As the mower moves around the lawn, it continuously uses advanced imaging techniques to assess what surface is ahead of it. Deciding as it goes whether to mow it or navigate away.

What are suitable lawn edges?
Walls, Fences & Buildings – Any solid wall, fence or solid structure more than 15cm tall.

Hedges – The TWENTY ZR can detect hedges directly on a lawn edge.

Patios -Any flush solid surface such as a patio of 25cm width or more.

Flat Stone Edging & Flush Edging – Stone or paved edging flush with the lawn of 25cm width or more.

Solid Raised Edging – Any solid raised edge higher than 15cm.

Hoops & Arches – Lawn edging hoops and arches. Single hoops linked together or panels.

Not suitable for dropped / cliff edges – If your lawn has dropped border edges, you will need one of the above edges between the lawn and the drop. Alternativley you might want to consider the Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ for smaller lawns (up to 400m2) or other models in the Ambrogio Twnety range which use a perimeter wire to indicate the lawn edge to the robot.

For the best operation we recommend having crisp lawn edges for the quickest edge detection.

These types of edges are suitable for the outer boundary and any internal beds, islands, or patios.

Optional Accessory: 4G Connect Module
An optional Connect Module is available, and adds the following functionality:

GPS Location Monitoring – through the Ambrogio Remote app – see where your machine is in real time using the app.

Geofence Capability – for security – create a virtual ‘bubble’** that will alert you if the machine crosses outside of it

GSM Connectivity – connect to your machine over a mobile data connection*** to issue basic commands and change working profile from anywhere in the world.

These features are dependent on signal strength in your area, in areas of poor mobile and GPS signal these features may not work as intended (or at all).

** Please note, this is not a virtual perimeter of the working area
*** Data charges apply, available through an in-app purchase. Includes 2 Years of data with a 5mb cap – after two years it is optional to purchase more data at a yealy rate through the Ambrogio Remote app.

Specification Ambrogio Twenty ZR Robotic Lawnmower – up to 1000m2
Max suggested (-20%) 1000
Motor type Brushless
Lithium-Ion Battery (25,9V) 1 x 5.0Ah
Max allowable slope 45%
Max Slope 35%
Slope on the lawn edge 20%
Average Working Time 04:00 hrs
Recharge mode Contact
Battery can be replaced or renewed by service agent.

Blade Type 4 Point Solid Stainless Steel Blade
Cutting Width cm 18cm
Cutting Height (min-max) mm 25-70mm
Spiral Cutting Yes
Smart Partitions Zoning No
Self-Levelling Yes
Eco Mode Yes
Rain Sensor Yes
Maximum Managed Areas 4

Navigation Type Radar – No Perimeter Wire Required
Compass System Yes
Connect Module (GPS, GSM) Optional
Perimeter Wire Required: No, small hook-loop for recall to base only

Weight with Batteries Inc. 7.5kg
Robot Size (lxwxh) 453x296x220 mm
Wheel Profile Wide Flex Rubber
Power Sound 59dB(A)
Level of Protection IPx5

User Interface Keypad & LED
App Control Bluetooth
Bluetooth receiver Yes
Amico Compatible Yes
Smart Assistant Compatible With Optional ZCS Connect Module Fitted

Lifting/Tip-over sensor Yes
Push/Stop emergency Button Yes
PIN Code PIN via App
Obstacle Detection Radar & Bump Sensors

Wire Length 0 – No Perimeter Wire Required
Fixing Pegs 40
Charging Station Yes
Recharging Station Cover Optional