Ambrogio Twenty 29 Elite Robotic Lawnmower

£2,799.00 VAT inclusive

Introducing the Ambrogio Twenty 29 robot mower, the medium sized robot that remains compact for convenience. The cutting system on this robot is a solid steel 4-knife Star Blade with 29cm cut. This means precision cutting is an effortless experience, all conveniently controlled by an easy-to-use keypad and LED panel.

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With large rubber flex rear wheels providing extra traction, this device can easily navigate even the most uneven terrain easily. With a tactile front bumper and internal accelerometer, the robot can easily detect the presence of objects on the lawn.

The pivoting front axle moves independently of the rear creating amazing stability. This means that the Twenty 29 always has 4 wheels on the ground.

Boasting two 5 Ah batteries, this robot mower is capable of working continuously for up to 3:45 hours and cutting an area of 3500 square meters.

The Ambrogio Twenty 29 has GSM Connect as standard which means you can expect full connectivity with the Ambrogio App. You’ll find software updates, be able to control the robot remotely, see it navigate in real time and have control of its scheduling. Even pair it up with other robots from the Ambrogio range with +infinitysystem.

The largest of the Ambrogio Twenty range, the Ambrogio Twenty 29 Elite is powered by TWO 5Ah lithium-ion batteries. It has a 29cm steel cutting blade, can cut up to 3500m2 of grass, and can be programmed to work on up to 8 different areas of lawn. The motorized cutting height adjustment enables the blade to be adjusted to give cutting heights between 25mm to 60mm.

The ZCS Connect Module fitted in the Twenty 29 Elite increases cutting efficiency using GPS assisted navigation, while giving you full GPS tracking, GeoFence (unauthorised movement) alerts and the ability to manage, interact and monitor the mower’s functions via the app on your smartphone. It is also compatible with voice assistants.

The Ambrogio robot cuts the grass within an area outlined by a perimeter wire. When the robot detects the perimeter wire, or encounters an obstacle, it changes direction in a random manner and starts mowing again in a new direction. The robot can recognise the presence of higher or thicker grass in an area of the garden and will automatically activate a spiral movement, in this area, for a perfect finish.

The GPS satellite navigation system, based on advanced algorithms, allows the Ambrogio Twenty 29 Elite to recognise the areas just mowed. The robot creates a virtual map of your lawn and cuts longer on dated areas, ensuring time saving and greater efficiency. This is called Smart Dynamic Mowing.

The Ambrogio Twenty 29 Elite Robot will work on a slope of up to 35% (or 20% on the perimeter wire). By adding wheel accessories, which can be purchased separately, the robot can cut slopes of up to 45%. If the slope is too steep for the robot, or if the robot tips over, then the blade will immediately stop.

If the robot strikes a solid object, then the bumper sensor is activated, and the robot will move backwards to avoid the obstacle.

The Ambrogio Twenty 29 Elite Robot has an integrated handle and is small, compact and easy to store and transport.

The Ambrogio Twenty 29 Elite Robot has an emergency STOP button, pressing this button at any time will immediately stop the blade and the robot.

The Ambrogio Twenty 29 Elite Robot will cut for up to 6:00 hours on a full charge. When the robot detects rain, or the battery is low, it will automatically return to its docking station.

Ambrogio robots are compatible with the Ambrogio Amico Pet Safe Device (available as an accessory). When your pet wears the device, the blade will automatically stop when your pet gets too near to the robot.

Special Features Ambrogio Twenty 29 Elite Robotic Lawnmower – up to 3500m2
Rain sensor
Geofence alarm
Anti-theft system
Security PIN
Eco mode
Safety cut out if the mower tips over
Emergency stop button
Automatic over-heat cut-out
Interface: keypad and LED
App control: Bluetooth and GSM
Navigation type: GPS enhanced
Connect module: ZCS (GPS and GSM)
Software updates via smartphone app
Perimeter Wire Required: Yes

Specification Ambrogio Twenty 29 Elite Robotic Lawnmower – up to 3500m2
Lithium-ion battery: 10Ah (2 x 5Ah) 26V
Working capacity: 3500m2
Brushless motor
Dimensions (l x w x h): 534mm x 263mm x 386mm
Motorised cutting height adjustment: 25mm – 60mm
Metal blade diameter: 290mm
Blade type: steel 4 tip cutter disc
Smart Dynamic Mowing
Wheel: wide flex rubber
Maximum slope centre of lawn: 35%
Maximum slope near perimeter wire: 20%
Sound level: 63dB(A)
Maximum mowing duration on full charge: 6.00 hours
Areas managed: 8

Ambrogio domestic warranty: up to 2 years